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AR Rental Policy and Customer Responsibilities

Rental Periods/Rates/Terms
All equipment is available to rent on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Some equipment and tools are available on a 4 hour basis. On equipment with hour meters a day’s use is 24 hours time and 8 hours metered use; weekly rentals are for 7 days and 40 hours metered use; monthly rentals are for 28 days and 160 hours metered use. Additional charges will apply for longer time or hours put on equipment when equipment is returned. Rental rates are based on four hour, daily, weekly, and monthly periods. Delivery rates are based on distance and size of equipment. Damage Protection Program rates are based on the total rental rates. Other rates and charges may apply and are subject to change. All rentals are charged for time out not time used. Complete rental terms and conditions are on the rental contract.

Rental Transaction Requirements

All transactional rentals require the following: 1) payment in advance, 2) a valid credit card or an open check as a deposit, 3) persons renting supply valid drivers license and jobsite location, 4) signature on contract and inspection forms before equipment can be delivered or picked up.

Contractor and Commercial accounts may complete an online credit application and may be eligible for expedited rental processes.


The customer is responsible for all loss, damage, vandalism and theft, to tools and equipment while on rent. Almighty Rentals does not provide insurance coverage for equipment while off our property. Participation in our Damage Protection Program helps customers off-set some of this expense. Please see the section on Damage Protection Program for details.


All rentals are quoted from an Almighty Rentals location. Customer is responsible for charges to and from the job site. Situations that increase the cost of delivery will result in additional charges to the customer. These include any aspect requiring labor, equipment, time, or expense beyond routine delivery travel, loading, and unloading. Examples include, but are not limited to: 1) any delay due to customer availability 2) facility or location access issues 3) limited vehicle access. Please see our Delivery Rate Calculator for cost approximation.


All tools and equipment are delivered cleaned, serviced, full of fuel and in operative condition. All tools and equipment are to be returned to Almighty Rentals in like condition. On one week or longer rentals, customer is responsible for following the manufacturers suggested service policy while on rent.  This service schedule is available at the time of rental or can be obtained from an Almighty Rentals associate at any time during the rental. Normal daily and periodic servicing includes checking and maintaining fluid levels (oil, hydraulic, water, antifreeze, etc) and tire wear. Long term rentals one month or longer require customer to adhere to be responsible for all service and maintenance requirements of the machine while in their possession. Customer is responsible for flat tires and tire abuse/damage. Customer is responsible for contacting Almighty Rentals immediately upon any loss, damage or mechanical failures of equipment.

Safety and Security

Customer is responsible for understanding or furnishing qualified operators to insure the safe operation of equipment. Customer is responsible for use and maintenance of the equipments safety features during the rental period, i.e. seat belts, ROPS canopies, safety harnesses, etc. Customer is responsible for using the equipment or tool for the application it is suited for and is responsible for safeguarding the equipment from theft, damage or roll-over while on rent.